Terminal Philosophy Syndrome

Terminal Philosophy Syndrome – Ecology and the Imponderable
by Michael Charles Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison
January 2023, Published by NOVA
“The world as we have created,” said Albert Einstein, “it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Can anything change our thinking, and make us see fresh with new and better eyes?

In the great spirit of Thoreau, Krutch, Mumford and their contemporary counterparts (Jonathan Schell, Elizabeth Kolbert, David G. Campbell) comes a new work by Tobias and Morrison, that can best be classified as “Philosophy with a human face.”

Here, the astonishing and cruel history of Homo Sapiens — especially in our relations with non-human beings — has been placed before an unforgiving mirror, challenging us to acknowledge what we have done, see where we are, and grasp where we could be going. The emergent picture is not pretty, yet it is essential to see.

There are two future paths for the human race and we must act quickly and compassionately. The Authors write: “Recognition that our species’ capacity to venerate nature in all her quirks and ellipses, stochastic incalculables and steadfast patterns, her graces and unimagined diversity, is our only chance of at least partial survival into an unknown future.”

With climate change raging and the human race at a turning point, searching for hope at the bottom of the jar, we will all benefit from a careful reading of Terminal Philosophy Syndrome: Ecology and the Imponderable with its insights, warnings, and wisdom on every page.

— Michael Pastore